Making the Right Changes


 An excerpt from WaterWise Consulting’s newsletter – Oct 1, 2013:

Now that winter is here and the weather has cooled, our plants require less water. Have you modified your watering schedules or irrigation controllers? It’s time to do so. Typically, this is the time where we forget to adjust our watering times for the new season. We tend to leave our sprinklers on summer settings all year ’round. This is not good because we could potentially be wasting thousands of gallons of water.


4 thoughts on “Making the Right Changes

  1. Adjusting the run-time or turning off your irrigation controller during the winter months is a great suggestion since Mother Nature takes care of watering my plants.


  2. This is useful information. I think with all the other everyday activity we tend to forget about adjusting our irrigation controllers once the seasons change.


  3. I have been watering once a week for 4 minutes. I used to water twice a day for 4 minutes in the summer. I saw great reduction on my water bill.


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