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According to the International Energy Agency, energy production currently sucks up about 15 percent of the world’s total water withdrawal, but it could increase to about 20 percent between 2010 and 2035. That is why many people in the water conservation industry are now looking at the water-energy nexus. What is the role of water in the production of energy? How are the two connected? How can we use water more efficiently while also taking into consideration energy use? The City of Palo Alto Utilities (City) is one industry player which has taken steps toward answering those questions.

Envirosmart Solutions Group (ESG) is a division of WaterWise Consulting, Inc. ESG was formed to build relationships between different environmental firms allowing them to implement a variety of resource management projects. ESG has been contracted by municipal and federal agencies for program implementation and began a technological partnership with EFERGO, a Polish consulting firm, based in Warsaw.

ESG and the City have just reached an agreement for ESG to implement the City’s Whole House Efficiency Audit (Program). The Program involves conducting a full audit of energy and water using fixtures inside and outside of the home. ESG will provide program administration like customer service, and schedule appointments. Each appointment will be handled by trained personnel who will conduct an indoor and outdoor water and energy use audit. The audit will include flow rate checks of all running faucets, toilets, showerheads, and any other water dispensing devices as well as an inspection of all lighting, electric appliances, and building envelope. The audits will include collection of data on computer tablets and advice to customers, landscapers, and/or property managers of appropriate water and energy conservation methods.

ESG feels very fortunate to work with the City on this project. ESG is managed by Steven Chov from the ESG Santa Clara office. Steven can be reached at schov@envirosmartsg.com. To read more about ESG please visit the company’s website.

Reposted from the WaterWise Consulting, Inc. monthly newsletter dated May 1, 2013


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