MOAR: Fat Tire, Folding Frame, E-Bike

Every day, single occupancy vehicular trips contribute greatly to greenhouse gas emissions. Whether it is a quick run to the grocery store or to grab a bite to eat, the majority of Americans rely on cars for their mobility. What if there was a way to get around town, across all kinds of terrains, with something that can easily be stored or locked away?

GMC May Pic

The MOAR E-Bike, which is currently available at discounted pricing through an Indiegogo campaign, is set to be the standard upon which all other E-bikes will be judged. The MOAR E-Bike includes a new generation of electric motor options of up to 750 watts that easily allow one to climb hills. The MOAR E-Bike will cruise at up to 20 mph and has a range of up to 85 miles through its pedal assist and 60 miles through it’s fully powered, thumb-controlled throttle system. It features 26 in. x 4 in. wheels that are double the standard footprint of a mountain bike, allowing it to conquer all kinds of terrains such as wet pavement and potholes. Its safety features include LED headlights and brake lights with turning signals. The frame is made out of aircraft grade aluminum that won’t rust and folds to easily be stored.

The base MOAR E-Bike model is currently being offered at $1,199 USD and this may become a more affordable mobility option for urban centers where high traffic and low parking can discourage car ownership. Electric bicycles remain one of the largest possible solutions for reducing single-occupancy vehicular trips and one day they may even be coupled with solar powered charging stations to run off renewable energy.

By Efrain Esparza, GMC Writer

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